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This product is a re-manufactured seal kit designed to replace the doughnut shaped seal within the CO2 capsule gas filling socket found on a wide range of Sparklets (and some other brands of) soda syphons originally marketed in the period from around 1920 to the early 1960's (please contact us for advice if you are not sure).  The kit consists of the main seal and two rubber O shaped spacer pieces (which may not be required depending upon the model/year of syphon) which are provided to take account of manufacturing variations over the years.  Aside from a requirement to thoroughly dismantle and clean the socket no specialist tools are generally required to fit these parts.  If your syphon leaks gas excessively when charging then this is the first part to replace.   Basic instructions are supplied to fit these to Sparklets syphons.

Suitability:  This is designed to fit the following syphons - Aerators Type C, Sparklets Type C and D, Sparklets Streamline range (models up to - roughly - early 60's),  Hostmaster Mk. 1 and some Mk. 2, early Globemaster.   With some minor trimming it will also fit Soda King models from the late 30's to mid 40's.  Some Heimsyphon and Autosyphon (Hungarian) models.

Bulb neck seal for early Sparklets syphons 1920's to late 50's

SKU: BulbNeckSealTypeD
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