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Sparklets Type D - renovated - pedestal base

This reconditioned and cleaned soda syphon/seltzer bottle was originally marketed in the period between 1934 and 1955 and was made with a high quality hand blown Czech glass body, covered by a braided steel mesh coat for safety.  It has an chromed collar and, unlike the earlier Type C, the CO2 capsule and key do not need to be left in place during use.    This example has the integral "elephants foot" glass pedestal stand which possibly makes it more impressive on a side-board or bar.  The chrome plated pewter head will be supplied with the slightly more common cap-on-a-chain dust cap (not shown in main picture) to prevent the ingress of debris into the CO2 charging socket.   (The replacement top cap on the head is made from highly polished copper and features the AcquaSpumante logo.). Sold at a reduced price as both the head and metal mesh on the body have lost areas of their chrome plating over the years.

Sparklets Type D - renovated - pedestal base

SKU: ACQ-101075
  • This soda syphon has been cleaned both internally and externally during the reconditioning process and all the rubber seals used in the head have been replaced with modern re-made equivalents.  Where possible, the original components have been reconditioned but where broken parts were found specially re-manufactured items may have been used.

    The capacity of this syphon is nominally 1 US quart or 950ml of soda water.  Care should be taken not to overfill the syphon with water (or gas; only use 1 CO2 capsule) during charging as this may lead to a potentially dangerous mal-operation of the syphon and substantial high-pressure leaks. Each syphon comes with an one year return-to-base guarantee.

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