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Our siphons

Set up in 2020, AcquaSpumante was founded to bring back to life some of the large numbers of Sparklets soda syphons/seltzer bottles made between the 1920s and 1980s, during which some 8 million Sparklets and Aerators brand syphons were sold to in excess of 20 countries all over the world.


AcquaSpumante offers customers the opportunity to either purchase an example of a fully working and reconditioned design classic from sometime in the period from 1920 right through to 1980, or to have their own Sparklets syphon repaired. We also do some syphons from a few selected other manufacturers.


Although each item has been carefully examined and selected so it is in good condition buyers should be aware that each piece is unique and will show some signs of its previous life and usage. There will, therefore, frequently be small scratches and scuffs on points of wear. We try to document these in the photographs and video featured in the product page for each item.


Due to the original age of the syphons and, despite testing prior to dispatch, occasionally things do not operate perfectly. We include instructions for the effective use of each syphon to help you. Please also have a look at our YouTube instructional videos or drop us an e-mail if you need assistance with operating your syphon.


We specialise in the reconditioning of Sparklets brand of soda syphon/seltzer bottles from both the UK, USA and Europe (where these may have been sold under the Heimsyphon brand) covering the period from roughly 1910 to 1982. We routinely do not work with later model syphons or those from other manufacturers, although we do feature some rare and unusual syphons from other sources.

Repairs, Reconditioning and Renovations

For an idea of the range of syphon styles and types that can be repaired please have a look at our sales pages. If your syphon features on those pages we can probably repair or recondition it. We also suggest that you have a look at the very comprehensive collectors information website at and at


However, we will also assess for repairability other brands of syphons on a time and costs expended basis. Drop us a line on to see if we can help.

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