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What can I do with my syphon? 

Your syphon is excellent for making fizzy drinks using fruit juice and other flavoured concentrates poured into a glass or jug prior to adding the fizzy water.   


A vast range of syrups is available from Monin and Maison Routin 1883 as well as other suppliers. There is also a wide range of low sugar and additive-free syrups and concentrates available at major supermarkets like Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose. Tonic concentrate syrups are also available for those who like their gin based drinks.


Various recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cold drinks can be found here and here

Using the earlier glass syphons it is also possible to make some very interesting sparkling drinks from white wine and pure fruit juices.  


We can personally recommend the following recipe for fruit juice “Foamers”, which can be made from carton fruit juices using the early glass Type D syphons.

  • Using a carton of a “no-bits” orange juice, fill your syphon with juice normally as you would with water.  

  • Using a carbon dioxide capsule as normal, gas up the syphon.

  • Place in the fridge at around 5 centigrade and allow to chill down fully; this may take some hours.

  • Dispense the carbonated juice into a large glass and, for the best taste and mouth feel, drink within a few minutes.


The syphon will produce a very light and frothy mousse-like slush, very similar in taste to a sorbet. However, it does not last very long!


It is not recommended that you use the aluminium bodied syphons for this as the fruit acids may begin to attack the metal. However, Stainless Steel and glass bodied syphons should be fine for this. Remember to Wash out well after use!


Alternatively, try using carton Mango juice, Lychee juice or Guava juice.


A “Bucks Fizz” type drink can also be made from still white wine and “no bits” orange juice, mixed 50/50%, in a Stainless or glass bodied syphon.

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