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Charger key for Type D glass bodied syphons

Original Sparklets brand Carbon dioxide capsule/charger key, manufactured from around the 30's to the early 50's, and designed to fit the Sparklets Type D mesh covered glass bodied soda syphons (although this key will fit any Sparklets syphon from the 1920's through to the 1980's).  Produced in a heavy-weight die-cast zinc alloy and designed to fit the C (8 gram) sized CO2 capsule, which remains widely available to this day.  This item is shown in the above picture, 2nd item from the right in the back row.  As this was produced when the earlier Type C syphons were still common (notably, which required the key to be left on the head after charging) a warning plaque was included which stated that the key could be removed after use (as the improved Type D's included a non-return valve in the head which prevented the gas and water escaping once the syphon was pressurised).

Charger key for Type D glass bodied syphons

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