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This product is a re-manufactured neck-seal and dip-tube assembly intended to fit the following models of Sparklets soda syphons:  early US and UK Streamline models of soda syphon from the early 1940's to 50's.  The outer diameter of the neck seal is 32mm and its thickness is 7.5mm; the central hole is 7.7mm in diameter. It is supplied with a 20+cm long soft plastic dip-tube which can be cut to the correct length for your syphon.  

Price includes UK postage; non-UK buyers will need to inquire about postage costs to your country. 

Contact us by e-mail to purchase (PayPal, BACS, IBAN and WISE all accepted)


Dip-tube and neck seal for early US and UK Steamline models

SKU: DipTubeStream
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