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This product is a re-manufactured neck-seal and dip-tube assembly intended to fit the following models of Sparklets soda syphons:  Hostmaster Mk. 3, Hostmaster Mk. 2, Globemaster, New Streamline (with body in stainless steel) and Acquarius models.  The outer diameter of the neck seal is 32mm and its thickness is 4mm; the central hole is 7.7mm in diameter. It is supplied with a 25cm long soft plastic dip-tube which can be cut to the correct length for your syphon.  

Price includes UK postage; non-UK buyers will need to inquire about postage costs to your country. 

Contact us by e-mail to purchase (PayPal, BACS, IBAN and WISE all accepted)


[It has also been found to fit a wide range of other brands of soda syphons such as those made in France, Czechoslovakia and Hungary]

Dip-tube and neck seal for Hostmaster 2/3 and Globemaster

SKU: DipTubeHST2_3
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