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French Cafe-style "Carafe" Sparklets Soda Syphon with re-plated head

This style of unusual soda syphon was specially made by Sparklets of London solely for the French market and was intended to be used as a bar-top Carafe of sparkling water.  A thick glass body is covered by a robust perforated chrome plated brass cover designed to take the knocks of bar usage.  Chargeable just like a normal Type D syphon and containing 2 US pints of soda water (about 0.95 litres).    A HD video clip of this syphon has been posted to YouTube: 


After arriving with us in a rather dirty and neglected condition it has now been cleaned and reconditioned in our workshop.  The rather tired head, which was suffering from severe loss of the chrome plating has now been fully re-plated with chrome and reconditioned back to fully working condition.  It is supplied with a glass straw/tube and suitable neck seal plus a suitable soda syphon charger key.  If the purchaser does not want the copper coloured top-cap the current head can be exchanged for one with a polished aluminium top cap at no extra cost. Those interested in this item should contact us to state their interest.

French Cafe-style "Carafe" Sparklets Soda Syphon with re-plated head

SKU: ACQ-101051
  • This soda syphon will have been cleaned both internally and externally during the reconditioning process and all the rubber seals used in the head have been checked. Where necessary, the original components have been reconditioned but where broken parts were found specially re-manufactured items may have been used.

    The capacity of this syphon is nominally 1 US quart or 950ml of soda water. Care should be taken not to overfill the syphon with water (or gas; only use 1 CO2 capsule) during charging as this may lead to a potentially dangerous mal-operation of the syphon and substantial high-pressure leaks. Unless otherwise specifically stated in the instructions that come with each syphon, only a single CO2 capsule should be used to charge a syphon! Each syphon comes with an one year return-to-base guarantee.

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