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This product is a re-manufactured glass dip-tube and seal intended to fit the following models of Sparklets soda syphons:  Sparklets (UK and USA) Types C, D and Prana "C" glass bodied soda syphons.  The outer diameter of the tube is 8mm and its length is 26cm. It is designed to fit into the black rubber neck seal (which can also be bought separately) as a replacement item for your original straw and seal.   The glass tube is not likely to fit original neck seals as the diameter is smaller than the original tubes.


The tube is manufactured from scientific grade Borosilicate glass and is resistant to thermal shock effects. Both ends have been flame polished and one end is flared/expanded.  It is still a delicate item and should be treated with care!  The rubber seal, which is supplied separate to the tube, is 32mm in diameter and 4mm thick.


[The neck seal and glass tube can be bought separately.   The glass tube is GBP12 and neck seal GBP8]


Price does not postage; UK and non-UK buyers will need to inquire about postage costs to your country. 

Contact us by e-mail to purchase (PayPal, BACS, IBAN and WISE all accepted)


Glass Dip-tube and seal for Types C, D and Prana glass bodied syphons

SKU: DGlassTubeSeal
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