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Globemaster in Ruby Red

These round, ball shaped, painted aluminium bodied syphons were available in a wide range of colours and, unlike the other Sparklets soda syphons, were double sized (about 1.8 litres or 2 US quarts).  They were the only ones to require two carbon dioxide cartridges to charge them up.   They were marketed between 1960 and 1980.  Supplied with a suitable re-manufactured carbon dioxide capsule charging key, photocopy of original instructions and FAQs sheet.

Globemaster in Ruby Red

SKU: ACQ-101007
  • This soda syphon has been cleaned both internally and externally during the reconditioning process and all the rubber seals used in the headr have been replaced with modern re-made equivalents. Where possible, the original components have been reconditioned but where broken parts were found specially re-manufactured items may have been used.

    The capacity of this syphon is nominally 2 US quart or 1800 ml of soda water. Care should be taken not to overfill the syphon with water (or gas; For Globemaster syphons only: use 2 CO2 capsules during charging.  More than this may lead to a potentially dangerous mal-operation of the syphon and substantial high-pressure leaks. Unless otherwise specifically stated in the instructions that come with each syphon, only a single CO2 capsule should normally be used to charge a syphon! Each syphon comes with an one year return-to-base guarantee.

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