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This service undertakes to recondition back to fully working order the head from a customer's later model Sparklets soda syphon/seltzer bottle, during which all the original rubber seals are replaced with new or re-manufactured items.   Please see the photographs associated with this product listing which indicate the range of models covered by this product offering.  Where possible we try to re-use or recondition the parts recovered during this process.   It assumes that all the parts found in the supplied head are capable of being reconditoned.  However, where parts are found to broken, heavily corroded or missing new or alternative reconditioned donor parts can be supplied to replace these at additional cost.  Over 80% of complete heads we receive do not require any additional parts. 


(Very early Hostmaster 1 and 2 models may not be covered by this product listing as the design of the head was different;  these are covered by the listing for Early Streamline models.)


Reconditioning takes approximately 10 working days from our receipt to dispatch back to the owner, but is dependent upon current workload.  You will be informed of anticipated turnaround times when your order is placed.


Price includes Return (UK only) 2nd Class Signed For postage from our workshop.

Head Recondition - Later Sparklets models

  • During reconditioning of your syphon head we fully dismantle the head into its component parts, which are then reconditioned and re-used.  For an additional charge, and if requested, we are able to replace the old - original - plunger valve part with a newly re-manufactured item (additional cost £12).  

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