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This product is a re-fabricated neck-seal designed to fit the following models of Sparklets soda syphons:  Early Sparklets Streamline models from the US and UK from the late 30's to early 40's that had metal (Tin pewter) straws instead of glass or plastic ones.  The outer diameter of the neck seal is 30mm and its thickness is 6mm; the central hole is approximately 13.5mm in diameter and is intended to be a slightly tight fit on the original metal ends to the tubes.  CAUTION: In general, we recommend that the seals be soaked in hot water prior to use and inserted over the end of your tube whilst still warm, before allowing to cool in place.


The seal is fabricated from a food-safe grade of synthetic rubber - hence the blue colour (Either approved for food contact use by one, or more, of the UK Water Research Association, US FDA or EU materials safety schemes).


Price includes UK postage; non-UK buyers will need to inquire about postage costs to your country. 

Contact us by e-mail to purchase (PayPal, BACS, IBAN and WISE all accepted)


Neck seal for very early Streamline US/UK models with metal straws

SKU: NeckSealMetBlue
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