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Reconditioned and fully working black plastic head with accompanying neck seal and dip-tube (outright sale).  This kit is designed to replace your current broken or poorly functioning Sparklets Globemaster soda syphon head.  They have been sourced from later model Sparklets Globemaster syphons, and although not meant originally paired with other models they will also work with a broad range of other syphons from the early Hostmaster Mark. 1's, mark 2 and 3 syphons, as well as the Streamline models.   It should be noted that these heads may not be period to your syphon but WILL work effectively with them, allowing them to be brought back into use once again.


 When contacting us to place your order please either tell us which model syphon you have or send us a picture.   This will allow us to provide you with the correct length of dip-tube to go with your syphon. The earlier models of syphon (1950's to 60's Streamline models ) require a thicker neck seal washer to work effectively.


Price includes (UK only) 2nd Class Signed For postage from our workshop.

Reconditioned Black Plastic Head - Globemaster models

  • During reconditioning of eachsyphon head we fully dismantle the head into its component parts, which are then carefully cleaned before being reconditioned and re-used.  All the original rubber seals used in the head have been replaced with modern parts.    The head has then been thoroughly tested on one of our test syphons prior to being sent to you.

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