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Replacement Glass liner for Deluxe Syphon

This service undertakes to replace the broken inner crystal glass liner normally present in the Sparklets "De Luxe" version of the more common Sparklets Type D with a recovered/reconditioned item.   These liners have been carefully recovered from other Type D syphons so are entirely correct and period to the original syphon, guaranteeing a perfect fit within the aluminium metal shroud.  Where possible we try to re-use or recondition the parts recovered during this process.   The cost assumes that all the metal parts associated with the original glass liner are available and can be recovered and re-used.  If these are missing, we can replace some parts at additional costs; please ask if this applies to you.  (The original solid red "fill line" shown in poor condition on the replacement glass liner will be replaced with a new continuous line prior to re-installation.) 


 Reconditioning/repair takes approximately 20 working days from our receipt to dispatch back to the owner, but is dependent upon current workload.  You will be informed of anticipated turnaround times when your order is placed.

Replacement Glass liner for Deluxe Syphon

SKU: DeLuxeGlassReplace
  • The customer may also request that the aluminium shroud be re-polished back to its original mirror finish and that the head be reconditioned back to fully working condition.  Please request a quote and timescales prior to placing your order as re-polishing can add significant time to the overall process as an external contractor is used for this specialist process.

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