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This reconditioned and cleaned soda syphon/seltzer bottle was originally marketed in the period between 1920 and 1934 and was made with a high quality hand blown Czech glass body covered by a braided steel wire mesh coat for safety.  This item has had its mesh re-plated and is paired with a reconditioned original Type C head.  ( Supplied with CO2 charger key type KEY-SPARKC1 - not with the key shown.)

A video of this item can be viewed on YouTube and is shown from 2 minutes 50 seconds:

Sparklets C - with reconditioned head and re-plated mesh

  • This soda syphon has been cleaned both internally and externally during the reconditioning process and all the rubber seals used in the head have been replaced with modern re-made equivalents.  Where possible, the original components have been reconditioned but where broken parts were found specially re-manufactured items may have been used.

    The capacity of this syphon is nominally 1 US quart or 950ml of soda water.  Care should be taken not to overfill the syphon with water (or gas; only use 1 CO2 capsule) during charging as this may lead to a potentially dangerous mal-operation of the syphon and substantial high-pressure leaks. Each syphon comes with an one year return-to-base guarantee.

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